YOU CAN CHANGE A LIFE. YOU'LL BE HAPPY YOU DID. Our Club kids need caring adults to help them develop their character and leadership skills, to help them learn how to live healthy lifestyles, to help them find the path to a fulfilling career, and to learn the professional skills they need to succeed in life. All it takes is someone who’s willing to lead them in the right direction- you can be their stepping stone to greatness! 

 Our Club members’ safety is our #1 priority.  So, we screen our potential volunteers using a background check to make sure they aren’t associated with any crimes against children. We require authorization to process this screening for all volunteers and completion of the volunteer form below provides this authorization. All are welcome to submit a volunteer form. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.  




As a MENTOR, you’ll meet with a particular Club member (your mentee) for at least 1 hour per month for the duration of 1 year. You’ll develop a one-on-one relationship with that Club member while serving as a positive role model, friend, listener, and guide. 

WHAT IT TAKES: Prior to serving as a mentor, we ask that you volunteer regularly in the Club in any other capacity for at least 3 months. Our mentor pairing process is selective and this “getting to know you” time will help us make sure that we pair you up with the right Club member.  Once you’ve been introduced to your mentee you’ll come to the Club weekly to meet with them, talk to them, interact with them in the Club and provide us with feedback about your visit. 

Tutoring & Activity Support


As a TUTORING & ACTIVITY SUPPORT VOLUNTEER, you’ll be assigned to a program area within the Club where you’ll lend a hand to a staff member as they lead the group through the planned activities for that day.  Our program areas include art, reading, STEM, recreation, and fitness, to name a few. If you're there during Power Hour,  you’ll spend time helping kids with homework and helping them understand the school work they’ve been assigned that day.

WHAT IT TAKES: This volunteer opportunity is perfect for those who want an experience that allows them to connect with our Club members and our mission. It’s a great way to make a difference and learn first hand what Boys & Girls Clubs are all about. 

Special Programs


Do you have expertise in one of our program areas? If so, you can volunteer to TEACH a special set of classes in your preferred subject area. Examples include banking professionals who volunteer to teach financial literacy classes or dance instructors who volunteer to teach a set of dance classes in our studio. 

WHAT IT TAKES: First, you’ll meet with a member of our staff to determine when, where, and how classes will be held, along with discussing the frequency of classes to be provided. Boys & Girls Clubs have access to a library of curricula covering a broad range of topics, you may elect to teach using our curricula, or provide your own. Once the details are ironed out, we’ll count on you to show up to teach the classes we agreed upon.