After School Programs

Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA offers after school care for students in grades K-12 (grades served vary by location) with daily activities centered on five core areas of personal development– character and leadership development; education and career development; health and life skills; the arts; and sports, fitness, and recreation. By focusing on these areas, our members amplify their academic success, build good character and citizenship and adopt healthy lifestyles. 


The Arts

Our visual and performing arts programs provide members valuable opportunities for self-expression. The Artscape Program introduces members to singing, dance and puppetry as well as digital photography. They also learn to create drawings and paintings in the traditions of past masters through  Arts Reading and Meet the Masters programs. In each of our Clubs, the Arts & Crafts Rooms are among the most popular daily activities. The 5-week Image Makers photography program and National Fine Arts Exhibit gives our youth opportunities to create artwork and submit their work in national competitions. As they gain a better understanding of the arts, children learn to think creatively and build confidence in their talents.

Health & Life Skills

We provide fun and inviting programs for all ages and backgrounds to promote healthy and positive decision-making. Every year, BGC of the CSRA has Cavity-Free Zone, where free dental exams are performed and  good oral hygiene is discussed. Through SMART Moves and other SMART programs, teens build self-esteem and a sense of responsibility, while they learn to make smart decisions. In a safe environment teens can discuss topics like drugs, alcohol, gangs and sex. Kids In Control, Passport to Manhood and My.Future are just some of the programs we feature every year. Through programs like these, we prepare children to make life choices that will create future success. 

Education & Career Development

We encourage our youth to think about their futures and continue on to an institution of higher learning. The programs that help the members achieve those goals include Power hour, which provides one-on-one tutoring and homework help, Project Learn, Goals for Graduation, CareerLaunch, Job Ready, Junior Staff Career Development, Money Matters, assistance for low-reading members and fieldtrips to places like museums and the zoo.  The Club finds fun and engaging ways to give assistance to youth that need it and challenge those who may not be challenged enough at school, paving the way for success in academics and in life.

Character & Leadership Development

 Through participation in character and leadership activities members build meaningful relationships with others, develop positive self-images and good character and learn respect for cultural identities. Engagement in any of the Clubs' service organizations provides our members opportunities to organize projects to invest and participate in their communities. By being a part of these programs, youth learn what it means to be part of the community and that they can, at any age, make a difference.  

Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Organized sports programs and physical education activities help members incorporate healthy activities into each day and support the development of fundamental motor skills. Because each child needs to be active, we create unique  programs like Triple Play, which is a game plan for Mind, Body and Soul. Our Clubs impement Triple Play and WANNA PLAY programs through a grant from the Anthem Foundation, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia Foundation, Amerigroup Foundation, and Major League Baseball 

21st CCLC

Many of our programs are funded through 21st Century Learning Centers (CCLC) grants. The grants provide academic enrichment for at-risk students in math, reading and science as well as a variety of enrichment programs including nutrition education, music, dance, art, technology and more. 21st CCLC funds are used to employ certified teachers at each Club to incorporate a tiered tutoring system.